Towards the end of every year we tend to step back, count our blessings, be thankful for everything we have, and give back to those in need. Whether that be a bike for a child to ride on Christmas morning or a hug for a police officer!

It comes in all sizes and it’s usually the littlest forms of kindness (that you don’t even realize you’re doing) that mean the most. Letting someone in front of you in traffic, leaving a little inspirational note on a table, or just sitting and talking with a friend could brighten someone’s day in ways you may never know.

I believe kindness starts in the home, so let’s start by being patient and kind to our own kids and spouses, then spreading the goodness throughout the community.

Although kindness should be spread year-round, everyone seems to be in the giving mood around the holidays. My hope is that this list gets passed around all year long, for years to come, and kindness is spread daily!