Who’s ready for Valentine’s Day?! {Raising hand emoji}

What I’m not ready for is all the sugar I have coming my way this weekend, because let me be honest for a minute. Right now (in pregnant state) I can hardly control myself around sweets. #Struggles

So, husband, if you’re reading this, just send me some oranges, apples, or bananas…maybe covered in chocolate. 😉

When the candy aisles start filling with Valentine’s candy on December 26th, you may feel like you shouldn’t consume one more ounce of candy come Valentine’s Day.

Without taking the yum-factor out of the sweet Valentine exchange, stick with some real foods when sharing the “love” this Valentine’s Day!


Love Juices – Cut & wrap a piece of construction paper around a juice box. Glue on some googly eyes and add a cute conversation bubble with a special note!


 Awesome Sauce – Tie a note on a Go-Go Squeeze with some string! Another option: “You’re My Main Squeeze.

Orange You Glad We’re Friends – These mini oranges are in every kid’s lunchbox these days. Wrap one or two up in a clear treat/favor bag, tie with a ribbon, and add a cute note. Another Option: “You’re A Real Cutie!


I know these might be a little more on the “junk food” side than the others, but still  not made 99.9% of sugar. 🙂

“Glad We’re In The Same School” Goldfish Valentines –These little signs are adorable to print and tape/staple on individual bags of GoldFish! FREE PRINTABLE FOUND HERE!


Bear Hugs – Animal crackers have so many different options for little Valentine notes. “I’m WILD about you!” “Zoo are the only one for me!” “I’d be a CIRCUS without you!” and my favorite “A BEAR hug!” These notes would also go perfectly with TeddyGrams.

Bring on the Love!!