Before we even begin discussing what to pack inside a diaper bag, let’s quickly go over picking out the “perfect” one because some of you may still be on the search!
Picking a diaper bag can be quite the task itself, especially if you’re looking for a diaper bag that doesn’t scream “diaper bag”. It should be trendy since it will essentially become your everyday purse. A diaper bag should be practical, easy to carry and open, and have multiple pockets. Your diaper bag will become your detachable limb, so you need to make sure you pick a good, durable one that can be thrown in the washer on occasion.
I highly suggest staying AWAY from velcro (hello noise!) and back packs, unless you can successfully reach behind your back, unzip, get something out of it, and zip it back up on your own…without setting baby on the ground.  Back packs are good for certain activities, but not everyday life. I suggest looking for a cross-body bag instead.

Now, onto the contents of your perfectly selected diaper bag!
As a blogger I try to give you material that isn’t already out there, or material that may be slim pickins’!
I’ve looked at many “diaper bag” posts in my life (especially when I was a new mom) that all gave me a huge list of “must haves” for my diaper bag. Now, as a mom of multiples, after packing up everything I needed for my baby, I had a bag busting at the seams and nowhere to put anything for my other two kids! You might not even have kids in diapers anymore, but you still need a prepared bag around if your kids do any of the following:

  1. Get dirty
  2. Occasionally spill drinks or packets of ketchup on themselves
  3. Ask for snacks
  4. Get bored while waiting in lines
  5. Fall and get hurt in some way

The only thing that isn’t in my bag is formula and bottles because I’ve never used them. If you do, just add them to the bag, I swear you’ll be able to fit them!

Diapers, snacks, and water bottles will need to be refilled almost daily if you’re out and about everyday. Other things, like a change of clothes and toys, will need to be replaced every couple months based on your child’s growth, or as needed.

  • Your Wallet & Keys 
    One pocket in your bag should be designated for these items
  • Diapers (at least 5)
    I recommend using a diaper pouch to keep your diapers so they don’t get dirty. You can find cute zipped pouches at Target or on Etsy.
  • Wipes
  • Changing pad
    Many diaper bags come with a changing pad.
  • Extra outfits INSIDE a large Ziploc bag.
    If you have a potty training toddler, you’ll need an extra outfit for them as well. Use the ziploc as storage for soiled clothes.
  • Light blanket and/or Nursing cover
    The Milk Snob is very versatile and used for a nursing cover, high chair cover, shopping cart cover, and blanket.
  • Toys
    Depending on what age your kids are, you should have some sort of activity or toy for each. I use clear storage bags for my five-year olds smaller toys (shopkins, My Mini MixieQs)
  • Baby Teether
  • Snacks
    I suggest keeping snacks that aren’t easily crushed. A nutri-grain bar won’t last in your bag! You can store snacks in small tupperware containers if needed.
    Suggestions by age: Baby – puffs, teething bisquits, food pouch. Toddler – cereal bar, fruit snacks, goldfish. Mom – nuts, trail mix, granola bar.
  • Sippy cups plus water bottle
  • First-aid kit
    Band-Aids, antibiotic ointment, nose sucker, diaper cream, lotion. You can find travel sized bottles from the Honest Co. at Target. 
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Small notepad with pen

*A special thank you to Christina with Photography Blu for taking photos in her studio for this post!