Hey there!
Who is currently stuck in the house because you don’t want to leave in bad weather? My hand is raised.

Yesterday the girls started summer camp and I got a load of work (and laundry) done! My work pile has been stacking up the past few weeks because having a baby and your kids getting out of school for summer doesn’t really leave much time for anything, let alone you sitting at a computer and entering things into Quickbooks. I tried one day and after getting up to fill requests from two toddlers for the 47th time, I called it quits.

Today it’s still raining, streets are flooded, the warehouse roof at our office collapsed, and it’s just a good day to do absolutely nothing. So, I let the girls sleep in and we’ll find things to do around here today…inside…all day long.  (Help me!)

Needless to say I’ve been running on energy fumes lately. Life as a nursing mother, life with kids, life in general leaves me searching for anything and everything that will give me energy without pumping myself full of caffeine. Sorry coffee, I love ya but I can’t OD on you right now.

To help, I’ve been making delicious smoothies for lunch and eating apples. But then I decided I could take my smoothie ingredients and form them into a little snack ball to keep in the fridge and pop in my mouth whenever I needed a little pick me up.

These energy bites also double as a lactation aid since they are full of ingredients like oatmeal and flaxseed to help my supply.

Banana-Date (2)