I feel like every time I see you nowadays I’m like, “OMG WHAT A FRIGGIN WEEK!” and unfortunately it’s so true. Can I tell you how I took a shower last night at 10 pm? I understand that may be normal to some but I’m usually laying in bed at that time.
The house (SO CLOSE TO MOVING!) is consuming all my energy and time (and money) lately. This week we’ve met with the landscaper twice for a total of about 5 hours. Today I forgot to pick up dog food because when I was getting in the car to go Angelo texts me that I need to go buy our toilet paper and towel holders for the bathrooms ASAP. So I went straight to Lowe’s and spent forever almost two hours picking out bathroom hardware. Two hours standing in a bathroom fixture aisle at Lowe’s is a lifetime.
Like a horrid person, I unorganized their shelves so badly in a search for toilet paper holders. Like a weirdo, I stood in the aisle with my eyes closed for half an hour trying to picture each bathroom and where to put said towel holders and hooks. Some days it’s a full-time job designing a house and other days you’ll feel like you’ve gone mad, but I smile every time I go to the house and know it’s all worth it!

Now to the good stuff, yes?!


I found these gems at Costco the other day and snatched them up. I don’t really know why but cooking beets is low on my favorite things to do list. It’s actually the peeling part I can’t stand because peeling a round object can be dangerous. 😉 Tell me I’m not alone on this. Plus, right now with baby Rock,  I rarely have 2 hands to cook dinner, so ready-to-eat vegetables are a major key in cooking these days. MAJOR!


Beets are a messy vegetable to cook and eat because they totally take over and turned the town red…pink…purple. You should of seen my kitchen sink opening a package of those beets. <– That’s a warning for ya!

I look past their messy nature because I find them delicious! I love beet juice, beet smoothies, and my mother-in-law makes a killer tasty beet salad! I wanted to “healthify” her salad  since hers includes potatoes and mayonnaise…all good things if you aren’t trying to shed some weight!

This salad was amazingly simple (especially using the ready-to-eat beets) and all it has on it is some olive oil and salt.