Hey there!

How’s your week going? Monday and Tuesday almost killed me, but this hump day has me feeling fresh! As fresh as one can be on 2 hours of sleep with a congested baby.  I’m determined today will be better! Maybe I’m feeling all types of ways since MOVING DAY is upon us!! Yep, the house on the piece of property we purchased 21 months ago is complete. More details to come within the next few days, but you guys…the excitement is unreal, but so is the stress of moving; de-cluttering, packing, and then unpacking. There’s always an overload of things to do when you move and I’m going to try and spread it out as much as possible throughout the next week to ensure the least stress possible. I’ll let you know how well that goes.

I have more great news for you.

I found the secret ingredient to perfect flavorful meatballs!

Should I let you in on the goods? Okkk ok!


True statement, I’ve made many meatballs in my lifetime and some have been less than stellar. What’s up with those flavorless balls of meat? Times have changed!

Baked meatballs are healthy, loaded with true ingredients (who knows what’s in those store bought ones!), and delicious! Making a couple batches of these and freezing them is a great idea!

I ate about 3 of these before they even made it to the table. Once they actually hit the table, they were inhaled by my girls and the rest of the family! No sauce…nothing else needed. I lie…Penelope needed a little marinara sauce on hers to cover the onions. (Things you do so your child eats…)