Hey Friends!

Seriously, where did this week go? Short week alert!
I can’t believe I haven’t posted AT ALL this week, but I’ve been extremely productive so I don’t feel like a total loser. Since I last posted, last Friday, we had an amazing holiday weekend and celebrated Angelo’s birthday! He’s the big 3-1 this year and he just keeps getting better with age. Love this man!

We had a big cookout at his sister’s house with tons of food, drinks, people, zip-lining, sliding, and swimming! She has an amazing backyard for parties.


Then, on Tuesday we all came back to reality. 😉

When the girls are home for the summer I set my productivity standards really low. Unless you count making YouTube videos, Summer-Yum food crafts, or swimming as productive. Actually that is productive… “Summer Productive”. This week the girls have been at camp since Tuesday so I’m getting ish done left and right. I’ve been catching up on work that I neglected over the past month and finally got all of May accounting books completed and moving into June! (Oh…June is already over?!) I am almost done ordering all the new furniture for the house. I finally got all the lighting and assembled the chandeliers, and I did yet another toy and clothes purge to de-clutter before we move. I still need to clean out the bathroom cabinets this week and throw out all the baskets of stuff we haven’t used since we’ve lived here.

With everything going on, my eats have been super simple and I’m mildly obsessed with bowls. Like the Chipolte-style food bowls, where you layer everything on top of each other, stick your fork in and hope for the best. The best is always the result and I haven’t been disappointed yet.


Bowls are the new plates.

I’m also currently obsessed with cauliflower.

To be exact, Buffalo Cauliflower and Cauliflower rice.
I’m absolutely horrible at making my own cauliflower rice, so a big thank you to Trader Joes for making bags of it for me! But, I’m wonderful at making Buffalo Cauliflower. I could probably eat anything drenched in buffalo sauce, but when eating clean, this takes the sugar-free cake.
I use Buffalo Cauliflower in lettuce wraps, bowls, and just for a nice snack before dinner. I’ve seen some people compare them to buffalo chicken wings. Don’t fool yourself, but it’s a nice veggie alternative!

Buffalo Cauliflower (2)

Buffalo Cauliflower & avocado stuffed in Romaine hearts.