The easiest dinner you will ever make, using ingredients you always have! Vegetables sauteed in chicken sausage juices, covering a bed of your favorite rice. 

Hey friends! I know I’ve been in and out lately, but tis life. Current news: Penelope is officially three years old and I already have my Christmas tree up! Priorities. I had to get it up this week because the next couple weekends are insane. Parties, Birthdays, Thanksgiving, NYC, Christmas parties. Ey yi yi! The Christmas tree gives me all the good feels, so why not?!

With life so crazy I haven’t really been cooking much, which is sad because I love cooking!! Our meals have been strange, as in not really put together, just kind of whatever we’ve got type meals! Meal planning has been almost nonexistent, which means I’m searching around in the fridge trying to think of something to make each night. When I’m feeling stressed and dinner sneaks up on me I do have a go-to meal that isn’t PB&J sandwiches. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with a PB&J sandwich for dinner!

I really go back and forth with even writing these “recipes” out for the blog because they aren’t really recipes. Then I get asked,”how do you have time to make healthy meals with multiple kids?!” and I feel like I should try to write them out so y’all can see just how simple they are.

Seriously, I don’t make anything that is time consuming because I don’t have longer than 45 minutes to make dinner, but I do always try to make it healthy AND something my kids will eat.

This meal is almost completely put together from start to finish using one hand. It’s a sight to see and I may actually make a video of me cooking dinner one night so y’all can see how close to a disaster it actually is.EVERY.NIGHT. After chopping the vegetables, (which you could do anytime during the day and keep in fridge) you’re good to pick up screaming baby. Why do kids always get REALLY cranking when it’s time to make dinner?!

Obviously I DON’T recommend cooking dinner with an infant strapped to you because #safety, but I know a million of you are doing it anyways so there’s that.

I make this meal multiple times a month, using different veggies depending on what I have in my fridge and what needs to be used. I got my sister-in-law hooked recently because it an excellent dinner, the kids eat it, and it’s insanely quick and easy. You can use any meat, any vegetable, and any type of rice you have! This is just some ingredients I always seem to have in my fridge. Quick and easy are my favorite words when it comes to dinner. Well, besides reservations. 😉

The flavor comes from the sausage, so use a good one, and season with salt & pepper as desired.


I get aidells Chicken & Apple sausages from Costco, but have used others before. Costco has a great selection of organic chicken sausages for a great price.

Check out the ingredients! Good stuff.