A healthy take on your favorite take-out dish! Beef is slow cooked all day and broccoli is added at the end to keep the freshness. Delicious, healthy, and enjoyed by the whole family. See below for recipe.

I’ve decided I need a personal assistant…don’t we all? 😉 I haven’t been cooking much and when I do they have been simple, simple, (did I say) simple meals? Think roasted sweet potatoes with panko-crusted chicken or Massaged kale salad with rotisserie chicken. Pretty much no thought and effort has been put into these meals because I might not have any thoughts or efforts left to give towards the end of the day.  I blame it all on #MomLife during the summer at #CampMom. Hello Summer Camp next week for the girls! 😉

I put more effort into the restaurants I go to than what I’m cooking for dinner at home recently.

Speaking of…if you know me, you know I love to try every single restaurant out there. If I’ve been once there is a slim chance I will want to go again, unless it’s to bring someone else who hasn’t been. I’m mostly talking about dinner places since I could go to Oxford Exchange for breakfast every day. My husband, Angelo, on the other hand is a simple man when it comes to restaurants and food. He could eat the same meal (pizza) every day and be happy.

When I was pregnant with Sophia we ate at Outback Steakhouse more than I would like to admit. It wasn’t because I had pregnancy cravings for it, it was because ANGELO had pregnancy cravings for it. After that pregnancy, I vowed to never eat Outback Steakhouse again because gag me! I think it was about a years time that went by before Angelo asked for it again one night for dinner. It might have actually been when I was pregnant with Penelope (#2). I caved and we had Outback a handful of times throughout that pregnancy. Ever since, and over the past 2 years, every time Angelo has asked to go to Outback for dinner I shoot him down immediately. The only thing I could possibly want on their menu is their Aussie Cheese Fries with ranch (because cheese, fries, and ranch), but everything else I’m just totally over. Sorry Outback..still love your ranch though, can I have the recipe?

Where was I going with this?

The other week at our women’s weekly bible study, the topic was on honoring our husbands. What that meant to us and how we showed it with words or actions. My whole philosophy in my marriage is that if I want to see him smile, I smile. I’m not talking like I walk around with a fake smile on my face all day, but I make an effort to be a happy person.
1. Why wouldn’t I be happy?
2. It ain’t doing nobody any good to be angry and/or depressed.
3. Who wants to come home to Negative Nancy or Debbie Downer every day? Pretty soon they wont come home at all. LOL (I laugh at weird moments in life.)

It’s also a lot of other things in regards to having a good marriage but for the sake of your time and mine, I’ll stop there. Also, I’m not a marriage advice expert but I have been with my husband for 14 years so it counts for something, right?! 🙂

Anyways… I spoke up at the bible study and shared that I was going to grant my husband his restaurant of choice for once. When I showed up to the house with Outback (to-go) for dinner his exact words were “YES! Did you get extra ranch?!” This may sound totally stupid to some, but food is our language of love over here.

It goes to show that it’s the little things in life (and marriage) that can bring the biggest smile to someone’s face and heart; and it turns out they aren’t so little after all.
So there you have it, Angelo got his Outback Steakhouse for dinner and I should be in the clear with that for another year. 😉

Now it’s time to plan tonight’s dinner, so take out the crock-pot because we all know how busy we are these days!
I tried to make this take-out fake-out Beef & Broccoli a little more healthier than the norm by cutting down on the sugar. It’s still yummy, but a lot less sweet, so if you’re still looking for that sweet, gooey Chinese staple, this isn’t it.

Crockpot beef brocolli