Friends! Happy Monday!

Today officially kicks off our week of Spring Break from school. The girls are taking full advantage by sleeping in…by like 30 minutes. (Side eye)

We aren’t taking our “spring break” vacation until later this week, so until then we will be bouncing around town looking for stuff to do.

Thursday is St. Patrick’s Day! I’ve never been a huge celebrator of the ol’ St. Paddys day, just a few trips to the local Irish pub to enjoy some green beer. For the last 5 years I’ve either been pregnant or just popped out a baby, so the celebration has been limited to cooking an Irish meal and/or enjoying a Guinness beer at home. This year is no different..hello pregnant belly.

The traditional Irish Stew consists of lamb or beef, and you could totally cook some up to add to this recipe. Originally I was not going to add any meat to this recipe, but I ended up adding shredded rotisserie chicken into the crock-pot with about 2 hours of cook time to go. This was solely because my kids asked for chicken in their soup. They are my bosses.

This stew (meatless or not) is a great comfort food for cold nights or the perfect crock-pot meal to prepare before leaving for work on any morning. It takes maybe 10 minutes to prep and you’ll have a delicious stew full of flavor waiting for you when you get home.

I served the stew with Irish Soda Bread that I had picked up from the local grocery store. I’m guessing this is only available since St. Patrick’s Day is near, but any bread will do!

irishstew irishstew2