Hi loves!
I hope everyone is staying warm out there! If it’s cold here in Florida I know the rest of the country is probably frozen.
My hands are actually kind of frozen right now as I type and I honestly don’t even know where my gloves are at the moment…packed away in storage?

Being so cold outside, I’d really love to share a nice cup of warm soup with you, but I bring you a cold cucumber salad instead. 🙂

Being a fan of cucumbers I’ll often slice them up to eat with hummus, on a salad, or just by themselves. I visited our local Farmer’s Market last week and picked up a basket of the biggest cucumber I’ve ever seen. When you have a bunch of cucumbers, you need to get creative to ensure they get eaten before they get all mushy and thrown away. Sad news.

I made this salad on Monday, but ended up letting it sit overnight instead of eating for dinner. You don’t have to let it sit overnight, but it’s probably even better than when it just sits a few hours. I served them as a side dish with our dinner and I’m using the left overs as a salad topper today.

If your kids like pickles they will most likely love this side dish! I couldn’t keep the little hands off of it with my four year old saying, “These are some good pickles momma!”

Cucumber Salad (2)


Photo shoot outtakes with my taste testers. 🙂