Hi friends, I’m Alex and I’m not a dairy cow milk drinker.
For the past 5 years (or more) , I’ve been buying almond or coconut milk from the store. Even though I think they are a way better alternative to dairy milk (pick your poison), I still see article after article about “are there really any almonds in your store-bought almond milk?!”
Well, what the heck am I even drinking if there’s only 2% almonds in my almond milk?
To be honest, at first I didn’t really care because what was my other alternative…to make my own?! PSHHHH have you seen my busy ass calendar? 😉

About a month ago I bought a bag of raw almonds with all intentions to go home and make almond milk. A month past by and I was still using that blue box labeled Silk Almond Milk in my coffee every morning. I finally put my almonds to soak and there’s no turning back after that.

My mind has been BLOWN to how easy it is to make my own milk. Basically you’re blending up almonds and water and straining it into a container. That’s it…

Since this was my first time, I’m still playing with the almond:water ratio, but for my first time this milk was a win! Creamy, naturally sweetened, totally customize-able almond milk. Made by yours truly.

Makes me feel like some sort of pioneer hippie woman. 🙂

DIYalmond milk