I created an adorable and studious space in a small corner of my daughter’s room for her to complete her homework. The best part? A Homework Cart!

My oldest daughter, Sophia, started the first grade this year and this jump from Kindergarten was major. Along with her maturity and independence, the work load increased. I’m assuming this is normal and should expect it with each grade.

A lot has also changed in our household. Rockwell is now running around causing havoc and Penelope is older and more interested in doing some “homework” of her own, like practicing her letters all over Sophia’s math sheets. There’s a lot of distractions around Sophia and she needed a quiet space to really concentrate on her homework and get it done in a timely manner. Homework that should last 20 minutes was taking almost an hour because she was so distracted. How do you tell a baby and toddler to be quiet for 30 minutes?!

To help my girl out, I created an adorable and studious space in a small corner of her room using the Parsons Mini Desk & Hutch from Pottery Barn Kids, a modern molded chair from Hobby Lobby (similar here), and white fur rug from Home Goods (similar here). She loves everything about this space, especially the space available for her doll on the desk. 😉

My favorite part of the space is the the rolling cart for all her supplies. I bought the rolling cart from IKEA, but have seen them pretty much everywhere (in pretty colors too!). It contains everything she needs to complete any type of homework thrown our way, and I can roll it anywhere she goes! Sorry Sophia, the homework cart will be following you for years to come! It’s also great for rolling into the closet, out of reach from little hands. Plus, when Penelope starts getting work sent home, it’ll be rolling into her room too.

Whats needed on the homework cart will differ for each age. Right now ours is targeted towards elementary school needs.
Pencils | Pencil sharpener | Colored pencils | Crayons | Markers | Scissors | Glue sticks | Extra erasers | Notepad | Composition book | Index cards | Playdoh