Balloon garlands have been all the rage this year for any celebration. I’ve seen them at birthday parties, weddings, holidays, blog events, baby showers, and I fell in love every single time.

These aren’t your average garlands and absolutely nothing like those old balloon arches I never took a liking too! What makes these balloon garlands so special is that they’re accessorized with florals, greenery, and whatever else your creative heart desires. Going on Pinterest and seeing some AMAZING balloon garlands gave me a little inspiration to DIY my own. And I’m not a DIYer, I’m more of an Etsy & Amazon Primer. I don’t have patience (for drying paint) , usually no supplies, plus three kids running around ruining things. My party planning/decorating goes something like this: Buy, hide, and take out the day of the party.

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I didn’t know what I got myself into when I started. I read a few tutorials online, then just did my own thing with what supplies I had. Did I mention I’m not much of a DIYer?

This small DIY project was right up my simple alley. Balloons and string? Got ’em!
My balloon garland used about 60 balloons, ended up being 6 feet long, and perfect for my daughter’s 6th birthday. It was actually more like 50 balloons since I started out with 60, but lost a few to ¬†little kids.

What you need:
Balloons! Various colors and sizes (minimum 60 balloons)

What you do:

  • Measure & cut one long string to the size you want your garland, making sure to add extra to the ends to hanging purposes.
  • Tie the string to two chairs and stretch out to length desired. This will elevate your string and make it easier to tie on balloons.
  • Cut a 4″ piece of string for each balloon (60 balloons ¬†= 60 small pieces of string)
  • Blow up your balloons, knot closed, then tie the small string to the base of each knot.
  • Tie the balloons to the long elevated piece of string in desired order. (I tied mine in total random order)
  • Once you have a good amount of balloons tied on, start to slide them down to one side closer together.
  • Keep adding balloons until full.
  • Add in your accessories. (I wrapped a tropical flower garland around the balloons as my accessory)
  • Once hung in desired spot, you can twist and turn balloons to arrange.