Summer time is REAL when your kids aren’t in summer camp. Like lay in your bed every night exhausted thinking “This is REAL” summer.

The blog has been quiet this week because my house has been not so quiet. I’ve grown to love it and after a few outings this week I think I’m getting this 3 kid thing down…for now…and only because Rock is strapped to me at all times. Baby wearing for the WIN! The day Rock starts walking might be the death of me. But until then, I can pretend I’m a pro, even when I’m having 35 anxiety attacks inside.
I’ve been trying to get the girls in camps about every other week, so I can still get some work done during the day. When they are home I barely sit at the computer. When they are home my expectations of being anything close to productive is very low. Take yesterday for an example, the only thing we did was go to Publix, and that’s OK. At least we will eat well.

What hasn’t stopped is the Summer-Yums series and we will count that as being productive! Sophia constantly asks to make “fun food crafts” and I love it just as much as her! This week we did Edible Necklaces! So simple, so easy, so fun!
The girl’s made everyone in the family one, and wore them around munching for a couple of days. We stored them in ziplocks when they no longer wanted to wear them.

Edible Necklaces make GREAT little snacks for the kids to munch on throughout the day and to take to the movies! Genius.


Basically any food with a hole in it will work for these necklaces. Or you can go beyond and use a needle to thread on different foods (popcorn, dried fruit, etc).
We used cheerios, lifesaver gummies, and pretzels to make it easy, plus we already had the cheerios and pretzels at home.