Friends, happy Friday! How was your week?

Ours was jammed packed with the 50 events schools like to cram into the last week of school.

Tuesday Nelps had her ‘End of the Year’ party at school. Her class had a water party outside followed by a picnic. I stopped by for a little bit, then left because it was crazy hot outside and little man needed to be in the A/C…diva or what?! ūüėČ


On Wednesday Sophia had her ‘End of the Year’ party in her classroom. Unfortunately Nelps had a stomach ache (probably from playing in that nasty water the day before…) so I kept her home with me and we missed Sophia’s party. I did stop by in the morning to let her know I couldn’t be there later and to give her teacher a gift and a giant hug for being so amazing this school year.

Side note: I literally cannot NOT show up after telling Sophia I’d be there. Do your kids take things you say as a blood oath like mine do? I would hear it for WEEKS if I’m not somewhere or do something I tell Sophia I would do. She keeps me on my A-game!

Yesterday¬†Sophia graduated preschool with a dance performance and graduation ceremony. I shed a few tears just thinking about this precious chapter of her life being over. Off to “real” school in August with uniforms, grades, ¬†reading tests, homework, and all those scary things! Do you ever look at your child being all excited about growing up and you just smile and think to yourself,¬†“if you only knew…” and then start crying inside?¬†Stay little, little ones! ¬†Geesh, this week has been so emotional.

sophia_last day
Don’t mind my post-partum self in this picture…it’s just the way I look right now. LOL

So, now that we’re on our official 1st day of summer today, things are going to get a little nuts this next week. And by that, I mean I will probably go nuts. The girls are home all day, every day next week and thankfully (seriously PRAISE JESUS) my mom had already taken this next week off to help out!
We have a few activities planned for them including this fun Westfield Family Summer Series! Click here more info! –>¬†Westfield Family schedule. Stay tuned for a post next week featuring some more summer fun around Tampa!