I may be in the minority in this, but I enjoy back to school shopping. There’s something about having a huge list of items and going down the aisles throwing things in the cart and crossing things off a list that is so satisfying! Then, I take my ear pods out and can hear my kids say things like “can’t I get a cool notebook?!” “Where’s the folders with the cute pictures, these are ugly!?” “Last year so-and-so had a cool composition book and mine was boring!”

I get it, and I was probably the exact same way. Heck, I still want cool and cute office supplies!
I hope you find these school supplies a little less boring than your average black and white composition book. 😉

Cute Ice Packs   |   Rubbermaid Lunch Kit   |   Bento-Style Lunch (recommended for preschoolers)   |  Glitter Lunch Tote
InchBug Bottle Bands
    |    Kid’s Alarm Clock   |   Kid’s Checkered VANS   | HydroFlask Water Bottle
Ombre Initial   |   “Oh Hey!”   |   Sparkle Tiger   |   ZipIt Monster   |   Pottery Barn Backpacks   |  UnderArmour Bags

Preschool Nap Mats
SuperHeros   |   Robots   |   Mermaids   |   Unicorn

Sources for more unique school supplies!
Notebook Therapy