Hi friends!!

We’re still getting adjusted to the house, finding places for things, finding out we’re missing things,  and trying to get in a normal routine. I’m hoping to be in somewhat of a routine soon! School starts for Sophia next week, and Penelope’s preschool starts the week after that. Lord help us during these crazy mornings coming up. We’ve already witnessed some school traffic around town and we’re going to have to get creative on our routes to school.

Since we moved out here we keep saying we’re “going in to town” whenever we have to drive somewhere, as if we live way out in the country. Pretty much anything other than a few local produce markets are more than 5 minutes away. It’s really made me plan my outings a little better since nothing is a quick trip. I realized this when a neighbor texted me asking if we had broccoli. In our old house I would of texted back, just run to Publix real quick, but now you have to think twice about making a 30 minute trip for broccoli.  I’m thankful we have neighbors and aren’t totally secluded out here. The first piece of land we looked at was all by itself in the middle of no where and I’m SO thankful we didn’t buy it. I like having other human beings close by…ya know, for when I need eggs and cups of sugar. 😉

I haven’t cooked much since we’ve been here, just a handful of times. We’re still waiting on our pantry shelving so everything is on the floor in the pantry closet. Hence, there’s not much organization. It’s been a challenge trying to figure out which cooking necessities I still need. I went to make baked zucchini the other day and found out I have no idea where any of my baking sheets are. Another day I started to make granola and forgot AGAIN I didn’t have any baking sheets. This time I improvised with a broiler pan.

Homemade granola is one of those things where the combinations are endless. You can use so  many different kinds of ingredients to make a great granola! Coconut oil or olive oil. Cashews, almonds, or peanuts. Raisins or any dried fruit. Maple syrup, honey, or agave.

Today’s granola recipe is about as basic as you can get. Use this as a base and throw in whatever “”extras” you want!
You can also find a recipe for an amazing grain-free granola here!


Simple Baked Granola (2)