Happy Friday friends!!

Today is a start to a wonderful weekend filled with football and most importantly…mindless eating during football.

Recipes meant for football:

Lemon Garlic & Gin Chicken Wings – Come on…who doesn’t have a football party without some chicken wings?!

Bean & Corn Chili  Cold weather + Football = A need of Chili

Buffalo Chicken Dip  – This never disappoints, you will never have left overs, and you will always be high-fived for bringing it.

Healthy ColeSlaw – People may still be on their New Year’s diets…and this is delicious!

The Perfect Moscow Mule – For when your team is losing and beer just isn’t enough

The Mini Turkey Sliders
Mini Turkey Sliders (2)

Predictions – Do you have a bet going with some friends about who will win the big game?! Check out which team these cute animals predicted to win!
The Pig’s Prediction
Galapagos Tortoise make a slow (but steady) prediction
Tiger catches it’s prey prediction!
Other strange ways to predict a winner…
Donald Trump predicts the Broncos will take the W. He’s not an animal, but you know 🙂
America will eat 1.3 billion chicken wings during SuperBowl 50, so why not have the National Chicken Council predict the winner based on chicken wing sales?! Sounds legit, right? Based on chicken wing sales, they predict the Panthers will be victorious!

So basically the predictions are all over the place! But we all know who the real winner of this year’s Super Bowl will be…
Beyonce because Bey always wins!

🙂 I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

A few more things before I sign off for the weekend.

  1. Make sure you’re making February Fabulous by joining in on my February Bucket list!
    Today’s a perfect day to have a FUN Friday today!

2. I get to test out an Audi Q7 all weekend for your (and my) viewing pleasure!  Check out my adventures this weekend on Instagram @al2getherFIT and check out the blog next week for a break down on how this Audi held up to the tests! Which tests? You’ll see… 🙂