Mother’s day is kind of a big deal because mothers are a big deal! Not only did they go through months of pregnancy, hours of labor, and years of worry; they’re still the ones to hold us all together! They are the first person on this earth to love us and believe in us, and kind of our life manuals! I could go on and on…moms ROCK!

So, what do you get a woman who you could never repay?! (This is starting to feel a little too heavy…)
This year boxes full of goodies seem to be all the rage, and who doesn’t love receiving a box of fabulous stuff?! I’ve put together some examples of gift boxes I know some mother’s would love. You could personalize these boxes however you’d like, making them very budget-friendly.

SHE seeks Vitamin D and a fruity beverage by the pool

In the box: Sunglasses | Coozies | Gum | Nail polish | Suncreeen | cute pool float

SHE loves her garden and her kids

In the box: Seed organizer | gardening gloves | nail polish | accent decor plants for patio

SHE moms so hard all day and way overdue on a pick-me-up

In the box: Coffee | Coffee mug | hydrating face masks | gift card to favorite store

SHE is a (tea)Lover

In the box: Mug | Tea | green tea mints | candle

SHE is a total #MomBoss Box who rules the office and the home

In the box: Decorative pencils | Pen holder | Candle | Desk sign | Office decor

Happy Mother’s Day!