We’ve made it to Hump day! (That’s it?!)

I don’t know if this will do much for you, but it does A LOT for me…as a mom…who hates doing dishes. (My motto: I cook in the kitchen, you clean the kitchen.)


Well, in reality, are they ever really one pan dinners? You will need one large skillet, a bowl, a plate, and then the billion plates to serve everyone. So you certainly end up with more than one pan to clean at the end, unless you eat with paper plates. (That’s totally not environmental friendly folks!)

This was a one pan dinner for me since I had the quinoa already cooked from a couple days before. I also had about a 1/4 cup of rice left over, so I ended up throwing that in the pan too. Everything but the kitchen sink kind of night.

In the end, it was a deliciously quick and simple meal to feed the whole family! My favorite kind!

Chicken Fried Quinoa (2)