Friends! I hope this hump day, as well as this year, is treating you well so far!

We are a couple weeks into 2017, and I feel like (according to my Instagram feed) everyone is on that health train and going in the right direction! Although they sometimes seem monotonous, posting your healthy eats and exercise pictures are motivation to many and often give people the inspiration they need.


I know it’s not easy, I know it takes time, and I know it can really put you in a grouchy mood sometimes. (Just give me a piece of chocolate!)
Been there, done that, back there again, and so on.

The things I hear the most regarding healthy eating is “I don’t know what to eat”, “It takes too much time”, or “I got bored of that food”; and I think I hear these a lot because most people are looking at it as a temporary thing. I agree, if I was eating chicken and sweet potato with a side of spinach every day I’d want that to be temporary too! If you look at healthy eating as a way of life and the way you should be eating, you’ll find ways to spruce it up. Don’t think about it too much, just start putting stuff together.

One of my favorite companies that makes healthy eating easier and versatile is organicgirl! I’ve teamed up with them to help promote their New Year #LiveLifeFresh giveaway!


I buy organicgirl products on the regular since their boxes of greens get used at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Smoothies, salads, bowls, wraps, you name it, I always try to get a handful of greens in each of my meals.


organicgirl baby spinach used in a Guacamole wrap for lunch

crockpot chicken

organicgirl baby spinach used for a dinner salad topped with Crockpot Taco chicken

To help their fans #livelifefresh, organicgirl is hosting an amazing #giveaway right now!

You can sign up here to win a giveaway of salad, dressings and juices FOR A YEAR + a $500 gift card to the trendy online fitness boutique evolve fitwear + $100 to your favorite grocery store. Beyond the grand prize, organicgirl will be giving other prizes along the way, too! FUN!

You can’t win if you don’t sign up! 🙂 Here’s the link, again!

Let’s #LifeLifeFresh together in 2017!

**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post through a partnership with organicgirl. I received compensation in the form of free products for this blog post and social media love! As always, all opinions are my own.