Happy Hump Day friends!

I hope your week has been going well. I want to thank everyone for the wonderful blessings and love on Facebook on our anniversary! We celebrated last night at Council Oak, a steakhouse inside the Hard Rock Casino. It was our first time eating at Council Oak and probably my first time back at the casino in over 6 years. Reason: I absolutely hate the way the casino smells and I was reminded of it last night. I wish their restaurants had separate entrances because now I need to try out the newest restaurant, Grey Salt!

Today I’m giving you a gift, and that gift is a recipe using ground beef that isn’t tacos or meatballs. Nothing wrong with those yummy creations, but it’s always nice to find other uses for ground beef.

When I started off making this I had no idea what I was actually going to do with it.  My dad walked by and said “oh, we’re having tacos for dinner…” and that statement totally threw tacos out the window for the night. LOL

Just like tacos, I love this recipe because it’s SUPER simple and takes maybe 15 minutes to make. YES! Plus, my kids loved it because it has a sweet flavor. It’s always a winning recipe when the kid’s eat their entire plate! #MomWin

I served the Korean Ground Beef on top a bed of brown rice paired with roasted broccoli.
Side note: I usually use quinoa in substitute of any kind of rice since it’s cooking time is way less, but you can only eat so much quinoa (says my husband) so brown rice was the winner for this meal!