Good morning! I hope your Monday morning is off to a great start…and a couple cups of magic coffee (if needed).

It was a great weekend with lots of goodies, Valentine’s candies, flowers, chocolate covered fruit, and food!

It’s kind of hilarious the stages of Valentine’s Day celebrations you go through in life. While Angelo & I were dating and before kids, it used to be a huge deal and we always had some fancy shmancy dinner planned because NOT celebrating Valentine’s Day felt like some sort of bad luck.
Now it’s pretty normal day except for the exchange of a lovey dovey Valentine card. It’s still special, but in the same way that your “dating” anniversary is special once you get married. It just becomes one of those days that you kiss extra long and say “Happy Valentine’s Day love!” and go on with your awesome day. The gorgeous flowers, edible arrangements, and box of chocolates give it that Valentine’s Day stamp of approval.

You think nothing more is needed…

But then something miraculous happens.

Both of my girls fell asleep and took naps at the same exact time yesterday…on Valentine’s Day. This is HUGE! They haven’t both napped at the same time in almost a year. My sister has been visiting for about a month and she even mentioned that the house never seemed so peaceful.

Me aimlessly walking around the house not knowing what to do with myself.


With the kids taking a nap, we did what any parents would do while their kids nap…sleep. Just Kidding! We watched a movie and got to see the entire thing with no interruptions. Best Valentine’s Day present ever! 😉 No amount of gifts, candy, or flowers will top this one. T’was a great day.

Since it’s Monday, it’s time to jump back on that clean eating wagon!
Ever since Thursday (when I was hit with that nasty stomach bug), I’ve been a little sensitive with my food choices. With exception to the chocolate for breakfast yesterday, nothing really sounds good except for some good clean food.

Over the next couple weeks I am going to share new recipes using OrganicGirl greens and salad dressings. You may know I like to grow my own greens and I rarely buy any lettuce or salad mixes from the grocery store, but when I do it’s usually the OrganicGirl good clean greens! They offer a delicious variety of unique lettuce/green blends that I don’t have on the garden.

I put together this hummus blend the other day and have used it for a dip and sandwich spread the past couple days. It’s a beautiful twist on traditional hummus and a great way to get some greens in your snacking! If you’ve never made your own hummus, it’s an extremely quick and easy dish that you can easily make your own by adding different flavors and textures to.



“This is a sponsored post through a partnership with organicgirl and the Tampa Bay Bloggers to promote the #GetUrGreenOn campaign. I received compensation for sharing an original recipe. All opinions are my own.”