The weather has been so unbelievably nice this week that it actually feels like Spring in Florida, so I’m putting away the chili pots and bringing out the fruit bowls. Spring cleaning!

Strawberry season is sadly coming to an end, but blueberry season is among us and we love to go blueberry picking!

With local strawberries and blueberries in abundance around here this time of year, there’s nothing better to do than make a delicious fruit salad! Sophia asks for a fruit salad almost every night, so we’re totally experts. 😉

This fruit salad takes it to the next level by adding mint to wake up all the fruit flavors. There is something about the fresh taste of mint on a hot spring/summer day. Think Mojito without the straw and alcohol…but totally not boring!

This refreshingly yummy bowl of fruit was devoured in no time!