Happy Friday!  Today is MUCH better than yesterday… Yesterday I was in bed sick all.day.long. It was one of those 24 hour bugs (that I just so happen to get every single pregnancy). It was so bad at times that I felt dizzy just standing up! Fun times… I was absolutely miserable and I’m counting my lucky stars it was a day my kids had school. After building up the energy to drop them all at school, I came home and laid in bed until 2:30. Once they were home, I knew my peaceful day was over. It’s really hard to muster up any energy to actually entertain your kids, and when they are toddlers, a movie won’t always hold their attention for very long. Sometimes it takes some imagination to entertain your kids while you lay down. entertainment

  1. Turn on music and have them give you a dance performance! Break out the costume box and it could go on for hours!
  2. Play-doh will absolutely leave you a mess to clean up afterwards, but it could give you a good hour worth of rest while they play.
  3. Play Kitchen: If you have a play kitchen in the house, tell your kids to “make you dinner”. Ask them what’s on the menu and it could give you some good laughs.
  4. Online Educations Games: Right now my toddlers are really into the Disney Junior Appisodes app. It asked them to do little tasks throughout their favorite Disney Junior episode.
  5. We have a “winter box” with all our gloves, scarves, and hats. I guess since we don’t get to wear them very often, my kid’s find them to be a blast to put on. You’re room will be a disaster afterwards, but you’ll be laying down and they’ll be pleased with their winter assemble. winter
  6. Salon/Barber shop: Let your kids brush your hair, fill it with clips and bows, and put lotion on your hands, feet, and legs! They love it.
  7. Red Light/Green Light: All you have to do is keep saying “Red light” or “Green light” over and over again while your kids get some energy out running up and down the halls.
  8. Get some fresh air on the back porch while the kids color the patio with chalk.
  9. Have some “Emergency” toys saved up for these sick days. I usually get a couple $1.00 kid paint sets from JoAnne’s and have them saved up for days like these. Throw down some newspaper before they paint and you wont’ hear a peep for 45 minutes. painting
  10. The Guessing Game: Get a old wipe box or some kind of small empty box. Have your kids put stuff in the box and have you guess what’s in it. They will go all over the house finding things to put in the box to “surprise” you with.