Ever since I can remember, sometime around the day I got married and actually had to cook for someone other than myself, I’ve always been about simple and quick recipes. Sure I make a meal that takes hours once in a while (hello eggplant Parmesan) but honestly, I don’t have time for meals that take more than an hour to prep & cook. Not at this stage in life. Angelo & I usually do the gym after he gets off work,so  dinner has to be quick and easy.
I’ll prep before the gym and cook when we get home, so that dinner is served around 7pm.

My sister recently got home from a cross country bicycle trip (she biked from Seattle to New Mexico) and her first day back was spent in the kitchen. She’s a vegan chef and I’m not kidding when she spent a good 3 hours in the kitchen makings 3 different dips.
All vegan, all beyond delicious. She’s the best chef I know!

But it made me laugh when she finally had all 3 dips cooked that 3 hours had passed and there was an over load of dishes in the sink.
I cleaned all the dishes for her (sucking up to the chef).

I’m so used to everything being so quick and simple and it felt good to sit there and watch a master in the kitchen prepare everything  with such ease while it probably would of given me an anxiety attack. While I was watching and chatting with her I got called to help one of my two children no less than 10 times, had to let the dogs out who were going crazy at the sliding glass door, cleaned up a spilled drink, and broke up about 3 fights between the girls (over who was going to put on barbie’s shoes).

That is why I can’t spend that much time in the kitchen (and that is why we can’t have nice things…haha).

So while my sister is home I will enjoy hours being spent in the kitchen watching and learning the ways of the kitchen from her and enjoying delicious home cooked (with lots of love) vegan meals.

You will still get to enjoy my quick and simple recipes with a dash of some vegan love in there!

Just a little random note to you.


Currently my eggplant plant is producing like crazy! I have three plants and they all have no less than three eggplants on them ready to eat. These eggplants are called Japanese Eggplants and are long and skinny, totally different than my last eggplant tree that produced short and fat eggplants! (I don’t discriminate…)


I love Eggplant Parmesan but I hate the long drawn out process, especially  when you have to throw your gym sweat sess in the middle. So in a hurry (what’s new), I made these simple, but delicious, eggplant rounds for a side dish! You could also stack the rounds and eat as a main meal! When are bite-sized things NOT fun?!