This Sweet Potato & Chicken stew puts a healthy and delicious twist on the traditional chili for Fall/Winter nights!
Make and share at your next football gathering for a quick meal for everyone to enjoy.

Hey there!
The cold weather is upon us, even here in Florida! I haven’t exactly taken out my winter coat yet (I don’t know if I actually ever do), but we’re getting some amazing temperatures this week.¬†Cool weather means a lot of things are happening; boots, Thanksgiving, turkey, sweat pants, Christmas trees, and SOUP!

If youre anything like me, this week before Thanksgiving is usually a week of simple meals, maybe even “healthy” meals to prepare for the food coma coming up. #Balance, right? Unless you’re testing out recipes for the biggest day of eating, add this to your menu to give yourself a few days off in the kitchen.

This stew¬†is as easy as they come and loaded with all Fall flavors. It literally takes about 10 minutes to put together before work/school, and you’ll come home to an amazing and warm dinner! It also never fails with soup to have tons of left-overs for the week! SCORE!