Hi friends! Happy 2017!

This is my first post as “Alex, the real housemom” and the first post of 2017 on the blog! I couldn’t be more excited for all of the new material that I have coming to you, plus all that awesomeness you’ve been enjoying for the past couple years will still be here! I’m talking recipes, kid activities, and real mom/family talk with a side of humor. Something else you’d like to see? Shoot me an email! –>  Alex@AlexTheRealHousemom.com 

Back to bizzniz….

The weather here in Florida has been so cold (for my standards)! We are hitting temperatures in the 30’s for crying out loud. If there’s one thing that I want on a cold night (besides full body onesie footed pajamas) it’s a huge bowl of soup…and since we’re in January, you know it’s got to be healthy soup (goals). 

This vegetable soup was everything I wanted it to be and more! It had amazing flavor packed with vegetables and beans and it filled me up. I served it to my family with simple corn muffins because kids heart carbs, as does the hubby who can lose 5 pounds in a day when I’m struggling with 5 pounds in a month.  Major side eye when they were throwing back those muffins. But anyways, do this soup! Chop up the veggies in the morning, pour everything in the slow cooker, and let it cook all day while you do your thing. Come home to a hearty meatless Monday or vegan Tuesday through Sunday meal. We all need more of those…am I right?!

Penelope took one look at the soup and asked where the noodles were, because apparently all soups require noodles. After some convincing, I gave her a spoonful and 50 bites later the bowl was empty.  Kid approved and mom win! Sometimes they just need a small pep talk!