Good Monday to you!

Who else is on a high from the Cleveland Cavs making history last night? I’m sure all of Cleveland is nursing a hang over today, either from non-sleep or too much partying! With all the excitement, we didn’t get to bed until about midnight last night. By excitement, I mean watching Angelo yell, scream, clap, pace back and forth, etc while watching the game. Thankfully the season is over now, ending on a good note this year, and going to sleep at a reasonable hour can return.

In other news I hope everyone had a wonderful Father’s Day! We went to my sister-in-law’s house to swim, eat, drink, and hang out. We brought over a bunch of steaks and blueberry sausage to grill. There is a meat market by us called Rick’s Meats. They make their own sausages and I’m not kidding when I say they are the best meat I’ve ever tasted! EVER!

Now it’s Monday and Summer time continues, which means the Summer-Yums series continues! I totally dropped the ball on it last week due to some major advances on the house we’re building. (ALMOST DONE!!!)
Let’s just say that I spent almost 2 days trying to gather up the last of the lighting fixtures for the house, and I still have 3 more fixtures to find and buy, ASAP. The decision making on building a custom home is overwhelming, and that’s an understatement.  I hired an interior designer to ease the numbing headaches of picking out every last detail. I give her some inspiration pictures and then she’ll give me three options for each purchase. So, instead of picking one item from a million options, I now pick from three options. This doesn’t include all purchases and let me not ever forget it literally took me days to pick cabinet knobs for our kitchen. Who knew there were 89 million different knobs and pulls to choose from, in all different sizes, in all different finishes. Yeah…I can’t wait to do a little house tour on the blog when it’s all done. I feel it’s my little baby and masterpiece. 🙂

So, back to SUMMER-YUMS!
If you haven’t been around, I started a Summer-Yums series at the beginning of our summer break. You can find Part 1 and Part 2 here.

A couple weeks ago the girls and I made these candy sushi for a fun snack by the pool. Thank goodness this was before I took sugary sweets out of my diet and I got to enjoy the fun creations with them! Fun to look at and fun to eat!

In an attempt to make these slightly less unhealthy (every little bit helps, right?) , I used brown rice crisp cereal.

Brown Rice Cripsy -Sushi- (3)

There was a lot of rice crispy treat mix left over so we pressed the remaining mixture into a cake pan and cut into squares for snacks. I always forget how easy and fast it is to make your own rice crispy treats. I mean, literally like 10 minutes tops.


But before we devoured the remaining rice crispy treats, we enjoyed sushi..without the fish smell! 🙂

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