It’s time to gear up for “Sweater Weather”, although that may mean twenty different things depending on where you live in this world. Right now, in Florida, we are at that time of year where a sweater is a good idea in the morning, then a terrible idea once lunch time comes around. Either way, I love a comfy, soft sweater like nothing else. While shopping online for my kid’s this season, I’ve come across way too many sweaters I could possibly ever need in Florida. I’ve purchased two of these for myself and hope you all purchase the others. 🙂 They are all fabulous finds and some have been on sale, so check them while you can!

Easy Circle Cardigan  /  Cable Shoulder  /  Lace Trimming  /  Ribbed Duster
Off Shoulder Wrist Ties  /  Bell Sleeved Pullover  /  Better Sweater  /  Fair Isle 
Colored Sequins  /  Halogen Beaded  /  Ruffle Cold Shoulder / Soft Off Shoulder

Holiday Reds

Target /  Windsor  /  Express  /  Express