Start new traditions and create a thankful tree with your kids this month! Every day your family can hang a new leaf and end with a colorful tree of all your blessings. Invite friends and family to join the fun and have hands available for them to hang their own thankful leaf.
Depending on how many leaves you want to add to your thankful tree, you may want a little help! I’ve provided a FREE HAND CUT-OUT printable for you to easily add more “leaves” to your thankful tree!

What You’ll Need:
Fall colored construction paper (Reds, Brown, Yellow, Orange, Green)
A tree to hang the leaves

What You Do:
Fold a piece of construction paper in half. This will allow you to get 2 hands at once.
Let your child trace their hand on the paper.
Cut the hands out using scissors (Safety first! We recommend the adults handling the scissors for younger kids!)
Write what you’re thankful for on each leaf.
Poke a small hole in each leaf and thread a piece of string through the hole. Tie to make a loop to hang.
Hang on tree to create your Thankful Tree!