It’s Friday y’all and I’m just getting settled into my desk for a day full of catching up! I’ve been playing catch-up since May when Rock was born, but that’s a whole other post.
This week marks the official beginning of the school year for both girls. Sophia started last week and Penelope started this week, so it’s just me and Rock at home during the afternoons now. I thought that meant much quieter and less busy afternoons, but it turns out I was wrong. Luckily, I have been getting back in a routine, figuring things out, and trying to get stress and those overwhelmed feelings out of my life. Post on all that next week!

Recently, I cut way back on consuming dairy products. I am trying to totally eliminate it, but with this being my first time eliminating a food group from my diet, it’s been challenging. The most challenging part is when I’m outside of the house. When I’m at home I’m making all of the food I eat, and it’s extremely easy to not add cheese or ranch to my food. Outside of the home, in the chaos of the world, I don’t find it so easy. I’m not thinking about dairy when I’m chatting with friends at a restaurant or casually making a cup of coffee before walking into church service. In the past two weeks I’ve “accidentally” drank a coffee with creamer and ate half a sandwich with cheese on it. I didn’t even realize that I was consuming diary until it was all gone. Oopsie! But since Wednesday, I’ve been good! It’s a start!

The reason I’m eliminating diary from my diet right now is because I’m currently a nursing momma to a very congested little boy. Rock has been congested for a month now and it doesn’t appear to be going away. The doctors have expressed that it may be a multitude of different things including moving into a newly constructed home (dust everywhere) or just part of a virus that’s going around. With infants, you never really know, which is so frustrating. I wish I could make him hawk a loogie and get it out! I’ve taken him to the doctor 3 times and we’ve had an x-ray done of his chest just to rule out anything like that. So far, he’s perfectly “fine” except this nasty congestion. I don’t know what it is and I don’t really know what to do, so we’re taking it step by step and crossing things off the list. Who flippin knows!

I’m putting in more effort to clean up (my already pretty clean) diet to help my little man out. You’ll be seeing more clean eats, dairy-free, and some gluten-free recipes on here for the time being.

I made these Vegan Cuban Bowls on a total whim when I had to use up aging plantains. My Venezuelan/Italian stallion husband LOVES plantains. I try to keep plantains on a rotating menu to brighten his dinners every now and then. 😉

The base of the bowls were sauteed kale. I simply sauteed kale over medium heat with coconut oil, salt, and lemon juice. I topped with sauteed kale with roasted sweet potatoes, baked plantains, black beans, and avocado. To finish them off I splashed some lime juice and sprinkled some salt over the whole thing. Then I devoured that bowl of goodness!

Vegan Cuban Bowls (2)