Hey y’all!

How was everyone’s weekend? If you’re in the Tampa area, I hope you got outside (poolside) because it was hot and beautiful!

Weekends with a newborn are usually on the fun scale of 3…as in you’re getting adjusted to this new life of yours and going out anywhere isn’t on your agenda. Basically because your boobs have to be out and available 24/7. 😉 LOL

I don’t really like taking my babes out in public too much in their 1st month of life, but when you are on baby #3, it’s definitely not really in the cards. Especially if your other little ones are involved in sports or any activity.

For example, Penelope had her first gymnastic class on Saturday!


We took the whole family to watch her and I’m so glad we did because Angelo had to be in the class with her. I mean, what would I have done if he wasn’t there?!  We’ve been on the waiting list at this gym for months and finally got the call that we have spots in class! Sophia starts in a couple of weeks and was very unhappy about Penelope getting to start before her. 😉
Her and Rock got to hang out and watch the action. Rock slept the whole time underneath his MilkSnob <– LOVE this thing!

After gymnastics, literally nothing was on our calendar for the rest of the weekend…then my mom came home from work not feeling well.
She didn’t know exactly what it was, maybe the flu, maybe just food poisoning, but it gave me flashbacks of when Penelope was 10 days old in the NICU with RSV. HORRIBLE! Cue the tears….
I knew I had to be safe than sorry, so I told Angelo I was booking a hotel room until my mom felt better.

Off to the Marriott we went for the night. The girls and Angelo went swimming for a couple of hours while Rock and I hung out in the shade. Then we went back to the hotel room, ordered dinner from room service, and had a hotel party  called it a night.
The next morning my mom felt back to normal (so probably just something she ate the night before) and that she had disinfected the whole house. 🙂
I mean do I sound like a total crazy mom or what?! Yes, I know I do, but I take no chances when it comes to my newborns getting sick. Sorry not sorry.

Sunday was spent hanging out at home, swimming, grilling Brats for dinner, and some more hanging out. One of those boring perfect Sundays at home. 🙂

I hope everyone had a safe, fun, and healthy weekend!