Hi! How was your weekend?

We started ours a little early and made a trip to Disney Thursday evening.

We spent the night walking around Disney Springs and stopped at Rainforest Cafe for dinner. Penelope was terrified of the wild decor so we ended up sitting outside in the ‘Lava Lounge’.



Nothing an ICEE can’t fix.

The reason we went to Disney was for the RunDisney marathon weekend. Angelo & I didn’t run in any races because when I went to sign up all the adult races were sold out. Have you ever tried signing up for a Disney race? It’s basically how it would be if N’SYNC came back and you tried to get tickets as soon as they went on sale. Pure madness.

The kid’s races were still open so I signed the girl’s up for theirs. Penelope ran the 100meter race and Sophia ran the 1 mile. I could of sworn I signed Sophia up for the 400 m, but her bib said “mile”. I didn’t think kids under 6 years of age could run in that one, but she did and she did absolutely amazing! She ran the entire time; fast, slow, then fast again until she finished! She had the biggest smile on her face at the end and kept talking about how fun it was with all the people cheering for her. My heart was about to burst!

My little runners. <3


IMG_7678 (2)


We got back to the house on Friday night after spending time after the race walking around Disney Springs again, stopping for lunch, a shopping spree at the Disney store, and going home with one of these!


Saturday was spent picking stuff out for the new house: floor tile, bathroom tiles, paint colors, headaches…. 😉 The good kind of headaches.

We were given a checklist from our builder and talk about the stress making sure everything will match and “flow” so the house doesn’t look like one big cluster of randomness.
I looked at hiring an Interior Designer because every time I sat down to figure anything out I would get so overwhelmed. I’ll be looking at exterior paint colors, then get side tracked with an anxiety attack about landscaping. So needless to say, nothing seemed to be getting done. I knew what I wanted and could picture it in my mind, but I had to go find that exact color at Sherwin Williams and that exact tile at the tile store, and make sure it was within the budget.
I’m not Heather Dubrow and going over budget by the millions, unless I win the Powerball on Wednesday, right? 🙂
When our builder gave us the checklist a week ago I didn’t know anything. He’d ask me what paint colors we have picked out,  what color roof I wanted, what color we wanted for the  inside hardware, etc. Every answer from me was “Ummm I don’t know…”  I had no idea I had to have all these things picked out now… or even soon! I was thinking I still had months to figure this out. I guess it’s better to have everything ready to go to ensure no delays (at least not on my part). As of today, the checklist looks a lot more filled out, but still a long way to go. Progress!!

Sunday morning was church, lunch with the church family, and then Mom’s Night Out at BOCA and Sketch & Sip painting wine glasses.
I wasn’t too hungry at the time we went to BOCA so I opted for an appetizer. I ordered the Fried Green Tomatoes and they were absolutely delicious! I’m excited to go back to try out an entree, and their drinks looked fabulous too! The atmosphere and decoration is pretty incredible too.

Check out my wine glass painting skills. 🙂


So that’s that – Our weekend in a blog post nutshell.
Monday morning brought cold weather so me and Monday are currently friends!
We have a busy week and Sophia’s first field trip of the year!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!