First, what is a “Fit-mom” anyways?!

I don’t know. There are way to many words to describe what a “Fit mom” is and a “Fit mom” can be so many different things to different people. Just like everything else in life…right?!

Being a mom and being ‘healthy’ are very time consuming, hard, and high priorities for me. My job as a MOM definitely takes over a majority of the time, as it’s my #1 priority. But I also know that I need to make myself a priority to be a good mom. It’s a crazy, extremely difficult thing to balance sometimes. I could literally write pages and pages about this subject, but I’ll keep that for another time.

This post is strictly for finding the humor in my real life experiences juggling a healthy lifestyle. I try my absolute best in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not only for me, but for my kids also. Sometimes that “absolute best” means a trip to the ice cream shop to put a smile on everyone’s face.

If you want to know one thing about me, it’s that I don’t take myself or life extremely seriously and I’m no drill Sargent. I go between “hey, why not?!” and “I really shouldn’t!'” all the time. It’s a healthy medium for me.

I’m sorry (not sorry), but I’m here to admit that being a mom AND making “healthy” choices are nearly impossible for me sometimes…if I want to maintain my sanity.
There’s something about that 80/20 thing. Good, healthy choices 80 percent of the time and good for the soul, “not so healthy” choices 20 percent of the time.

Why I have a hard time being a -FIT- mom (3)


  1. When you’re passing a ice cream place and see a huge sign that screams $1.00 cones today! Your toddler starts going bazerk in the backseat because they see this huge ice cream cone shaped building. You think, “well…if we’re going to get ice cream it might as well be for a $1!” The bargain shopper in you throws a punch to the health freak in you.
  2. When your child wants a bag of Doritos/Gummi Bears/ANYTHING… then eats 1/25 of the bag and hands it to you because they’re “finished”. You’re totally are not about to waste them and you haven’t had Doritos or gummie bears in centuries, so might as well relive your childhood for a moment.
  3. When your child convinces you that donuts are probably the only thing that’s going to make them (and you) happy when you’re 1 hour into a 3 hour road trip. FYI there’s nothing a donut can’t fix. Plus. the middle of a donut is 100% calorie free! 😉
  4. When your child is sick and wants nothing else but to snuggle on you. You can maybe get some leg lifts in, but that’s all the exercise you’ll get until your child gets better. Snuggles are just as good for the heart as exercise!
  5. There’s also no chance you’ll get to cook dinner with a 29 lb child clinging to you. You call your husband to pick up some to-go on his way home. You order a salad (healthy thoughts), but end up eating most of your child’s french fries too. I hate it when I do that!
  6. Then to top if off, you get sick 2 days later. Bye bye gym and cooking for the week.
  7. Your child requests spaghetti for dinner and you only know how to make enough spaghetti for an army. How does one make 1 serving of spaghetti anyways?! Looks like you’ll be eating spaghetti at every meal for the next 2 days.
  8. A bad day at work followed by an evening of your children not listening to a word that comes out of your mouth. Enough said, right?! Once the husband gets home you make a 30 minute escape to meet your best friends: the candy and wine aisle at the grocery store.
  9. When you have a kid in school, you can just go ahead and book out your calendar weekends with birthday parties for the year. Kid’s birthday parties are no place to be that annoying health freak! People don’t spend $200 on those Pinterest inspired cakes for you to say “no thanks”.
  10. Potty training treats, treats for having a good day at school, treats for scoring a goal.  There’s a treat for everything when you have kids. But, what happens when you’re the one who eats half the bag of bite-sized kit-kats that are supposed to be for potty training?! Well, I like to think of those treats as treats for being a badass mom.