Whole Wheat, no sugar added Banana bread to add to your baking lineup this winter as a healthy alternative!

Friends!!! My friends! How have you been?! I hope great, seeing that it’s SO CLOSE to Christmas time. AH!
We recently got back from a short trip to NYC, the girls are out of school for Christmas vacation, and baking season is in the house!

When you think of Christmas and baking, cookies usuaully come to mind. But, that day, that day we set aside to bake up as many Christmas cookies as we can, is later this week with my mom. So, hold up!

Until then, we bake other yummy things! Things we can eat without getting a sugar rush. Things we can eat without feeling like Buddy the Elf baked it himself.
This banana bread cannot come at a better time. A time when everything is filled with sugar. It has the perfect amount of sweetness provided by honey. Sophia did request chocolate chips in it, but we must draw the line peeps! We have enough chocolate in our lives right now (yeah, I said it)!