Hey there friends! It’s hump day or day 3 of being all about that fit, healthy, and strong life! (Only 53 more to go in this 8 week “Challenge” I’m doing with myself..LOL)

I’ve been asked about my eating habits, while trying to lose the post-preg weight, by a couple of people so I figured I’d bring back the “WIAW” posts to shine a light on my daily eats. If you follow me on Instagram you already see a lot of my eats, so I’m going to go beyond that and show you basically everything I’ve been eating.

As a nursing momma, who is chasing 2 other toddlers and working out,  I don’t count calories. In my opinion, if you’re eating whole foods, calories don’t matter. Is “too many” veggies even a thing?
Also, as a nursing momma, I incorporate good fats (avocado, nuts) and good carbs (oatmeal, sweet potatoes) to help with my breast milk supply.

It’s all about whole foods and other than these 4 simple guidelines, I’m eating whatever I want.

Eat every 2-3 hours.
No refined sugar
No white carbs 
Very Minimal processed foods (I understand chicken sausages, veggie burgers, etc are processed) 

Here’s a look into my daily eats. 

7am Breakfast: 1 slice of seeded toast and 2 eggs. Coffee with almond milk.
10am Snack: sliced carrots & cucumbers
1pm Lunch: Salad Beast topped with a scope of chicken and cucumber salad (Salad Beast = Huge)
3pm Snack: Almonds & Grapefruit
6pm Dinner: Broccoli, chicken, sweet potato bowl
7pm Snack “Dessert”: Peach

0615_3 0615_2

Breakfast: 1 slice of seeded toast and 2 eggs. Coffee with almond milk.
Snack:Post-Workout Protein shake  – Almond milk, chocolate protein powder, Peanut butter, banana, flaxseed
Lunch: Chopped Cucumbers, Tomatos, and carrots with balsamic vinegaer
Snack: Trail nut mix
Dinner: Roasted Peppers “Tacos” with mixed greens
Snack: Bowl of watermelon

Breakfast: 1 slice of seeded toast and 2 eggs. Coffee with almond milk.
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Post-Workout Protein shake (with added oatmeal)
Snack: Sliced cucumbers and carrots, almonds
Dinner: Spiraled Zucchini noodles with ground chicken meatballs

Do you follow any “guidelines” while trying to lose weight? Let me know what you do!