A makeup tutorial for an every day, sweat proof, smudge proof, and basically mom proof look using Senegence Makeup

I am a T-shirt and jeans, minimal makeup, sunglasses, just handle it type of gal.  I tend to focus more on my skincare than I do makeup since I’m out at soccer games, cross country meets, and hanging pool side sweating to death most days. When my friend Rachel messaged me asking if she could come over and give me a “mom makeover” using Senegence products, I couldn’t pass it up because she always looks phenomenal!  I’ve seen Lipsense around for years now but never looked into it’s hype. I was addicted to a NYX colored gloss and didn’t care that I had to reapply it 15 times a day. I told Rachel I would love her forever if she could match it’s color! Y’all, she did…now I’m hooked! I’m ecstatic that Rachel finally introduced me! Senegence is makeup and skincare you can wear in the heat without it melting off, plus give your kids the tightest hugs and kisses without giving them half your makeup too. It’s seriously the best makeup for moms!

I asked Rachel to spill the juice on Senegence for us and here’s what she had to say:

  • Senegence makeup is perfect for moms, especially us Florida moms! It is waterproof, smudge proof, sweat proof, and also provides us with a mechanical shield from the sun. Each layer applied is equivalent to a 15 SPF. This mechanical shield is also within their entire skincare line, so if you wear their moisturizer, tinted moisture and/or foundation, it builds! Unlike traditional chemically derived sunscreen, the Senegence Mechanical shield is derived from a natural blue green algae, making the sun protection “buildable”.
  • Senegence designed all of their cosmetics to be a cream to powder finish, giving you a little extra moisture throughout the day, just by wearing makeup. Moisturized skin = Healthy Skin!
  • Senegence stands out from the rest with their SenePlex® Complex in all their skincare and cosmetics. It is a kinetic enzyme that creates energy, speeding up the natural process of reproducing cells without changing the process itself. When your cells have a quicker turnover, we heal quicker and have younger, healthier looking skin. With regular use, SenePlex® Complex increases moisture, collagen production, firmness and elasticity, luminosity, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles!

    Products used for our “everyday, quick mom look” makeover:

    Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer (Medium) –  Cream to powder finish, adjusting to your skin tone. Light coverage. Green and yellow pigments to counteract any redness.
    Candelight Shadowsense– Used as a concealer under the eyes. Candelight works perfect because it has a peachy undertone, cancelling out any dark under-eye circles.
    Bronze powder– Applied to forehead and cheekbones for a sunkissed look. Hey, we do live in Florida!
    Toasted Rose & Pinkberry Blushsense– Cream-to-powder, highly pigmented, blush! We started with a little Toasted Rose, then ramped it up with a touch of Pinkberry!
    Rose Gold Glitter Shadowsense- For some shimmer on the eyes!
    Onyx Shadowsense– Applied with a small angled brush as Eyeliner. This is a good alternative to a liquid liner because it goes on smooth with a the black powdery finish as opposed to a harsh liquid finish.
    Better than Sex Mascara by Too Faced- We did not use Senegence mascara because I don’t prefer waterproof.
    LIPSENSE- 3 Layers of Pink Champagne, topped it with Glossy Gloss to seal the color in and provide moisture to my lips.

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