Baked mushrooms stuffed with sweet potatoes and fresh spinach make for a easy and delicious meal, side dish, or appetizer!

Annnnnnnd it’s Monday…just like that. But hey! Meatless Mondays are my favs!

I love to cook and experiment with meatless dinner options because they rarely disappoint, plus all that no-cruelty thing, right? (JK) Yall know I love myself some veggies! 😉

I made these mushrooms the other night on a total whim, looking for something to do with sweet potatoes. (P.S. Who had tried out that trending sweet potato toast?!)

I’ll tell you what! The sweet potato mash itself is delicious and could be a side dish on it’s own. I had to stop myself from eating it all before spooning it in the mushrooms. I served the mushrooms along side a quinoa salad and bed of romaine.